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Eilat Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport (ETM)

Eilat Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport (ETM)

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Transfers and Shuttle Bus from Eilat Ramon Airport (ETM) to City Centre and more popular destinations

About Eilat Ramon Airport (ETM)

Eilat Ramon Airport is a seductive new international entrance to Southern Israel and the fabulous Red Sea. It has replaced the two old airports in Eilat, Eilat City Airport and Ovda Airport. Ramon Airport is 19 km north of the city of Eilat, next to Be’er Ora.
The Ramon Airport, also known as Timna Airport, is set to handle up to 2 million passengers a year from now. It will allow capacity of more of 4 million passengers a year in the future.
This new airport has domestic and international flights.
The classic low-cost companies thus Ryanair, Monarch, Wizzair, Transavia or SAS are handling this new airport. And also charter flights from Europe that used to fly to/from Ovda Airport. Israir and Arkia are serving this airport too.
The terminal features all typical facilities of a functional airport terminal including a duty free store, foreign exchange, tourist information desk, and ground transportation services, such as shuttle bus, taxis or private transfers with reputable companies, including Tourist Israel – Fun Time with affordable door-to-door service. The airport is the perfect Israel’s window onto the amazing Red Sea.

Some popular destinations from Eilat Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport (ETM)

Transfer from Ramon Eilat Airport to Eilat city centre

This fabulous resort city is Israel’s window onto the Red Sea, and a great base for a vacation of sun and beach, or perhaps an adventure and thrill for exploring.
Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, located on the Red Sea coast, is a hot, sunny year-round travel destination, and many times, the gateway to Petra.
Also famous destination for scuba diving, with equipment for hire on or near all main beaches.
Eilat has big and renowned hotels and resorts and various attractions such as camel riding, Kings City and the wonderful Eilat Underwater Observatory Marine Park.
Transfer time: 37 minutesBook Now

Transfer from Ramon Eilat Airport to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second-largest city, and a cosmopolitan, cultural and financial global city.
Nicknamed “The White City,” Tel Aviv was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2003. (Bauhaus architecture, an early 20th-century Modernist style of building).
Tel Aviv is also called the “city that never sleeps” by the locals because of its pulsant nightlife scene. It was baptized “the gay capital of the Middle East” by the eminent Out magazine.
Most visitors come here to soak up the sun, shop in charming boutiques, and enjoy some fantastic foodie action at the city’s noted café and restaurant scene.
The beach may be the major tourist attraction, but Tel Aviv offers much more.
Transfer time: 3 hours 15 minutesBook Now

Transfer from Ramon Eilat Airport to Beersheba (Be’er Sheva)

In Beersheba, the ancient and modern coexist.
Beersheba is the capital of the Negev region of Israel (the Negev is a must see tourist destination for anyone who appreciates natural beauty), a desert city that serves as the gateway to this region.
Be’er Sheva is generally not on the agendas of most tourists to Israel, and is therefore somewhat of an off the unusual and interesting destination.
Transfer time: 2 hours 30 minutesBook Now

Transfer from Ramon Eilat Airport to Jerusalem

For many, a visit to Jerusalem is a pilgrimage to one of the most sacred and mythical sites in the world. Go on an unforgettable spiritual trip in breathtaking Jerusalem, the city of incredible blend of religions and cultures.
This magical city is totally unique, surely there is no other place like it. A city of tradition, religion, and history, but also of modern and vibrant culture and heritage.
Jerusalem is an important location to the three major world religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
It’s full of important sites such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Chapel of the Ascension and Via Dolorosa.
Transfer time: 3 hours 30 minutesBook Now

Transfer from Ramon Eilat Airport to Aqaba (Jordan)

Aqaba, in Jordan, about 330 km from the capital Amman, is a fun place. Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba.
The town offers a charming stopover en route to the diving and snorkelling clubs to the south and the top destinations of Wadi Rum and Petra.
Aqaba, with relaxing atmosphere, offers a fascinating history with some outstanding sites, fabulous hotels and activities, superb visitor facilities, good shopping, and welcoming, friendly people.
Transfer time: 50 minutesBook Now